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Cosmetic Dentist, Gabe Malouf

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are too many ways to list, but dentistry can take your look to the next level. Ask us next time you visit, or call today!

Botox & Dermal Fillers

Want to reverse the clock (and your wrinkles) while we check your smile? Ask us about Botox and Dermal Fillers to learn about this hot beauty trend. Dr. Malouf completed special technique training to reduce the effects of aging while still keeping you real. Call today and start erasing those lines!

Tooth Whitening

It seems like everyone is whitening their teeth. While you may not need your teeth to glow in the dark, whiter teeth look better in photographs, at job interviews and in social situations. Pick up some professional whitener for your next big moment!




Crowns: Coronation for Teeth

Imagine the ability to change the shape & color of your teeth, while simultaneously giving them armor to resist decay & wear. This is the beauty of current dental crowns. We can make your teeth attractive, comfortable, and (almost) invincible. Crowns restore failing teeth, so you can eat smile and talk like normal (only better). They are also central to any “extreme makeover.”

Dr. Malouf designs each crown to maximize comfort & durability, taking extra steps to ensure they work with your existing bite. We use uber-strong materials, adding custom shading & ergonomics for the complete package.

Crowns are often the best way to save the foundation of your tooth while replacing any broken parts with something amazing. Scared to get a crown? Don’t be—or ask us about sedationAsk us if dental crowns will work for you.

Ask Some Questions!

Beyond what your friends and neighbors say, here are 5 serious questions you should ask your dentist about what they do:

1. Do they take needed x-rays? (Important for any thorough tooth evaluation).

2. Does the dentist have training beyond dental school? Dentistry changes. What does your dentist do to keep up? Is that weekend courses, online training, a formal residency?

3. What experience do they have? Dentistry combines many subjects; experts estimate that ~10,000 hours are required to master a subject. 

4. How do they sterilize instruments? Infection control speaks for itself.

5. Do they train & educate you to improve your dental health?  This is huge because it identifies the connection to your real best interest.

6 + 15 =

Whitening, Botox or Dermal Fillers, Crowns and more… See how cosmetic dentistry can change your life!

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