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Dr, Malouf, Family Dentist

We Take Care of Everyone

Our office treats kids from age 1-99. We recommend parents bring children to see us for a first dental visit by age 12 months. The objective being to get everyone on track for a lifetime of healthy smiles. In a time when the average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar each year, a good start is critical.  At A to Zzz Dental: We strive to help everyone live longer healthier lives.


Outstanding Care Local to Home

Need specialized care? We can do most of it right here! Dr. Malouf was specially trained by the US Air Force to be the go-to dentist at an isolated base, miles from anywhere. As a result, we can do many procedures right here in the office instead of sending you down the road. When the odd need comes to work with a specialist, our training allows us to better coordinate treatment with that office and prepare you appropriately. For the same reason, many of our patients travel to see us from out of town. Whether it’s crowns, dental implants, surgery, extractions, or root canals, we can answer your questions.

A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

When A to Zzz founder Dr. Gabriel Malouf served in the US Air Force, he worked as the Preventive Dental Officer on base. He saw airmen spend days on the hot tarmac, hydrating with soda to avoid fainting. The same airmen often came to the dental clinic with a mouthful of cavities. Dr. Malouf became aware that the real cost of the contemporary American diet was much greater than the price of food, and resolved to help people help themselves.

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