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Have No Fear

Does the mere thought of having your teeth fixed terrify you?  Do you wish you could go to sleep, and wake up with your dental work all finished?  Sedation dentistry is the path out of the dark ages.  It’s time to heal—and escape dental fear.

We work to make you smile. Whether it’s a warm blanket, a pair of headphones or monitored-sedation, we’ll strive to make you more comfortable than you thought you could be. We offer a variety of sedation options from Nitrous-Oxide (“laughing gas;”) for patients with light anxiety during simple procedures. When this is not sufficient, Dr. Malouf can also provide conscious-sedation (most patients have little or no memory afterward).

If you’re nervous, let’s discuss that first, review options and find the right solution for your needs.  (We actually realize that people are attached to the teeth we treat).


Get More With Fewer Dental Visits

Ever wish you could finish your dental work (or all the dental work you want) in one visit?  We can do that for you!  With sedation dentistry, the time passes comfortably. We take care of the worry, while you take care of your nap-time.

Many of our patients are fearful. Most of them are less fearful than when we first began working together. All of them know we will do everything we can to solve their problems and treat them like family. It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to eliminate dental fear is to treat the issues that worry you. Sedation makes it possible to forget your nightmare and go with the daydream instead.


Why Choose A to Zzz

Dr. Malouf spent a full year beyond dental school at David Grant Medical Center where he received extensive training including intravenous (IV) and conscious sedation.  Since then he served in the US Air Force, providing sedation during medical & dental procedures for several years. He has offered sedation to patients at multiple locations during over 12 years of dental practice in Washington.

The State of Washington has strict training & licensure requirements for sedation dentistry. Dr Malouf is one of the select group of dentists specially licensed to offer this treatment. For safety, we also use hospital grade sterilization and patient monitoring. 

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