Holistic Dental Care

Holistic dentistry, a gentler approach

Holistic dentistry is treatment based on the principle that dental care is for the whole person—the whole body, not just the mouth. It is a gentler approach to conventional dentistry, with a focus on avoiding materials and substances which are harsh or toxic to the body. This means we do not use any amalgam fillings. At A to Zzz Dental, we know how important dental health is for your whole body. Oral health can give you clues to your overall health.

A to Zzz Dental, a Mercury-Safe Practice

At A to Zzz Dental, we only use treatments that work in tune with our holistic biological philosophy. We limit the amount of metal used in our office to ensure we are a mercury-free and mercury-safe practice. Instead of metal or amalgam fillings, we use porcelain and BPA-free composite resins whenever we fill a cavity or repair a broken tooth. Being metal free means we serve your dental needs while also maintaining your overall health.

Many people are unaware that nearly half of the “silver” fillings in their mouths are actually composed of toxic mercury (the other half is composed of silver, tin, copper, and zinc). When you have an amalgam filling, small amounts of mercury are constantly being released, especially when you drink hot or cold beverages or if you grind your teeth.

While the law allows mercury fillings (and some ‘insurance” companies will not pay for an upgrade to composite resin); it is not legal (or safe) for us to throw the same mercury material into the drain or the trash. So you read right: it’s legal to put amalgam (mercury) fillings in your mouth, but not to put them in the trash. As our solution, we have refined a process to remove the mercury fillings safely—for you, for us and for our environment.

This is why as your local Snoqualmie dentist, we instead use composite or ceramic fillings. Some of the benefits of ceramic fillings include:

  • Ceramic and composite fillings bond directly with your tooth, creative a strong bond and helps to provide greater protection
  • Ceramic and composite fillings do not respond to temperature changes
  • Ceramic and composite resins can be matched to the color of your tooth! Aside from the health benefits, there are obvious cosmetic benefits. They offer beautiful and discreet restoration.

At A to Zzz Dental of Snoqualmie, we provide:

  • Holistic, natural dental care for the whole family: adults, teens, and children
  • Gentle dental cleanings
  • Microscope-Enhanced Cleanings
  • Accelerated Healing from surgery using your own healing factors
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Functional Pre-Orthodontics: a natural way to straigten teeth
  • Digital x-rays, which cuts your exposure to radiation about 80%
  • Mouthguards to help with clenching and grinding
  • Environmentally conscious dentisty

Studies have proven links between gum disease and heart health, diabetes, and pregnancy related issues. We see the extent at which the health of the mouth plays on the health of an individual. In our Snoqualmie holistic dental office, we work with our patients to help them understand how important dental health is and the holistic approaches we take. Using microscopic analysis, we are able to diagnose gum disease before it becomes a problem for your teeth. We can then treat the gum disease early and avoid what could otherwise be irreversible damage to you gums. 

Taking care of your oral health really is an investment in your overall health. Contact us as soon as a dental problem arises. We are happy to help however we can to help you realize your health potential. We work with you to offer the least toxic and least invasive treatments possible. Call today at 425-292-9230 if you would like to discuss our Holistic dentistry options or making an appointment.

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