First Visit Expectations – A to Zzz Dental

Before You Arrive

After scheduling your appointment, you can download and complete one of our new patient intake forms. Completing these forms in advance will ensure that your appointment runs smoothly and on time.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify us 48 hours in advance. Patients aged 18 and under should always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

At the Visit

You can expect your first visit to take between 60-90 minutes. Upon arrival at our office, you will be greeted by our scheduler, who will familiarize you with office procedures and answer any questions you may have. If you did not fill out a form online, you will likely be asked to complete it out now. We will contact and verify with your insurance company for you beforehand to make sure that you will have coverage for your appointment, but if you have questions about coverage, just ask.

Once you’ve completed the form and it is time for your appointment, you will be guided to the treatment area by your dental assistant. Dr. Malouf will take x-rays of our mouth, followed by a full oral examination. Afterward, he will talk you through any treatment you may need. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

A cleaning may be included in your first visit, or, depending on your gum condition, you may also be scheduled for a follow-up visit.


In order to maintain healthy teeth and gums, regular dental check-ups should be taken care of on a 6-month basis. This will help to ensure that problems with your oral health are caught early, when treatment typically has the greatest success. However, depending on your gum health, past treatments and overall oral health, your Doctor or Hygienist may recommend more routine visits.

After your first appointment, you will have the opportunity to schedule any treatments that you may need with our scheduler. If you do not have time after your appointment, you can also schedule by phone.

So come on in, relax, you’re in good hands…

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Gabriel Malouf DDS is very friendly, smart, helpful and good at what he does. I have severe dental anxiety, I feel calmer in the care of him and his staff than I have in a very long time. I feel very confident with the quality of care I have received with him as a dentist that my oral hygiene is very supported. I am so grateful I found him!! My 4 year old son has seen him 3 times and will be in the foreseeable future. Sandra

Dr. Gabe Malouf


Customer Satisfaction