Secrets for Long Life

by Gabriel Malouf DDS

Last year, before my grandfather passed away in his 101st year, I asked him his secret to long life.  He pontificated four things I’d heard him say before, and it resonated.  “Eat good food… think good thoughts… do good things… and keep breathing, for as long as possible.”  I’ll add flossing… and other things dentists think about.

Eat Good Food

Looking back, my diet has undergone metamorphoses: growing-up diet, training diet, cancer-fighting, gotta-live-a-little or socially-responsible-diet.  Central to culture, food is traditional, hip, healthy, meager, fabulous or heuristic.  Eat less sugar (especially in snacks), stop the complaining and just eat better food.  Sugar–especially between meals–will increase acidity, and cause tooth decay.


Think Good Thoughts

Like Tony Robbin’s Ultimate Power and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Grandpa meant for us to think of doing good.  Thought is the inception of everything, it must be good or we are lost.  Before anything that happens, thought makes the call.  Determine to be healthy, or just care about health Caring is something you do, not something that happens because of your predisposition.  When you take charge of your oral health, your dental bill should go down.


Do Good Things

So often a day is good or bad because of the people in it.  Be the one that decides your day will be amazing.  Blaze through life leaving happier, healthier people in our wake.  Maybe they will feel like doing the same.  Imagine what could happen…  Make a move toward flossing, but really that is about staying healthy and lowering your risk for heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and a handful of other nasties.


Breathe… For as Long as Possible

Sure: Inhale… Exhale… Repeat.  Breathing holds a deeper meaning as well.  Possible reaches beyond what is probable and average to the outer limits of our capability.  Assuredly, it included daily exercise, adequate rest, daily flossing (which is the single most effective step to healthy gums) and overall meticulous hygiene.

Those on the inside, know this as a formal prescription from a lifelong country doctor.  Since he’s gone, I get to carry the torch and put my own spin on it.  Now it’s a prescription from your dentist.


Dr. Malouf is a general dentist practicing in Snoqualmie, Washington.  He is passionate about comprehensive dentistry, integrative health and living longer & healthier by educating patients.  For more information about how we can help you, call (425) 292-9230.