Sustainable Dentistry: Teeth that just keep going…

Sustainable Dentistry: How to Save Thousands on Dental Care and Keep Your Teeth – Part 1 – 

Whether you’re the parent of a toddler with their first tooth, or another 7 decades along, teeth are a big deal.  I strive to help people maintain teeth for a lifetime and call it “Sustainable Dentistry.”  It’s my attempt to save my patients over $10,000 and help them live 5-10 years longer.  Is that a lofty goal for a dentist?  Absolutely, but it’s relevant, and it’s possible.


Normal Wear & Tear

You see, teeth are a little like shoes, and they begin to wear out the first time you use them.  Sustainable Dentistry slows this process, and if you take good care of them, they last longer and work better.  If you subject them to trauma or abuse (avoid this), you may need emergency intervention.


Sustainable dentistry is simpler because many (if not most) dental conditions are preventable, and prevention saves time & money.  Regardless of where you are in life, there are some basic tricks that can help!


Plan of Action

Taking good care of teeth means more than just brushing them.  Two things I find that many patients DON’T know: 1. Diet is the single most important factor in tooth decay.  2. Cavities are reversible!  This information played right, can better many lives.


You probably already know much of what you need to do:  See your dentist regularly, avoid sugar, eat a healthy diet, diligently brush, AND floss daily.  There are important details that I will dig into later in the series and show you how to really make a difference

I’ve compiled a list of some relatively easy tricks that can make for HUGE improvements:  Fewer dental problems means less stress, lower bills, more time… You get the idea.  What questions or suggestions would you like me to write about?

Mission of the Sustainable Dentistry blog entries:

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people smile better, and  I’ve fixed more problems than I can count.  In fact, fixing things is my super-power.  My regret: I wish I could have prevented the problems.  With a time-machine (not my super-power) I could have passed on a few pearls of wisdom in advance.  Problems could have been avoided, money saved, dental fear mitigated, sustainable dentistry applied.  The hope with this blog is to establish principles of sustainable dentistry.  Maybe I won’t have as much work, but it’s past time for progress.

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